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Canadian Dental Care Plan for Seniors

What is the Canadian Dental Care Plan?


The Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) is a federally delivered public plan that will help ease financial barriers to accessing oral health care for up to nine million uninsured Canadian residents with an adjusted family net income of less than $90,000, with no co-payments* for those with family net income under $70,000. 


*A co-payment is the percentage of the CDCP fees that is not covered by the plan and that people covered under the CDCP will have to pay directly to the oral health provider.



How is the CDCP being rolled out? When can I apply?


To meet anticipated demand and ensure a smooth onboarding experience, the CDCP is being rolled out using a phased approach over several months, starting with seniors.  

Seniors aged 87 and above Starting December 2023 

Seniors aged 77 to 86 Starting January 2024 

Seniors aged 72 to 76 Starting February 2024 

Seniors aged 70 to 71 Starting March 2024 

Seniors aged 65 to 69  Starting May 2024 

Persons with a valid Disability Tax Credit certificate Starting June 2024 

Children under 18 years old Starting June 2024 

All remaining eligible Canadian residents Starting 2025 

Steps to receive your CDCP Benefits

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Apply for CDCP benefits - persons 69 and older will have received a letter in the mail instructing them how to apply.  Starting in May, anyone 65+ will apply ONLINE.


You should receive a card in the mail as well as a letter explaining your benefits.  It is helpful if you bring this entire paper to your Consultation so your Denturist can explain your benefits.  

Call our office and book a complimentary consultation with one of our Denturists so they can go over what treatment is currently covered and assist you in understanding your CDCP benefits.

Learn more about the Canadian Dental Care Plan for seniors by contacting us today.  Complimentary Consultations available.

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