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Night Guards / Anti-Snoring 

Is snoring keeping you up at night? 

Find relief with a Digital Sleep Apnea Device


Panthera DSAD
Digital Sleep Apnea / Anti-Snoring Device

This device supports the lower jaw in a forward position during sleep. The advancement of the lower jaw clears the back of the tongue and facilitates opening of the upper airways, which increases airflow.  The computer-aided design, custom retainers and features of the device have a proven efficiency which offers increased comfort.  The resistance of the material provides long-term use with few, if any, side effects.

Your partner will thank you.

There are many reasons people wear night guards; bruxism (teeth grinding) clenching, and snoring.


Bruxism occurs primarily while sleeping.  However, some people catch themselves clenching during everyday tasks such as driving, working or exercising.  Bruxism may be a response to stress, worn teeth or teeth that are not in proper alignment (malocclusion).

The symptoms of bruxism are:

  • Jaw pain, earaches and headaches

  • Fractured or chipped teeth or fillings

  • Damage to bone that surrounds teeth

  • Damage to the jaw joint

  • Tooth sensitivity as the enamel layer is worn down

Teeth Grinding

One of the most effective ways to control grinding is by wearing a nightguard. There are many different types and styles of nightguards – an assessment of your grinding and clenching patterns can help determine the right guard for you.

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