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Soft Liner

Do I need a Denture soft liner?

As the tissue and bone shrink and there is not enough bone to retain a lower denture it may become uncomfortable or mobile. In these cases a Soft liner may be an option to increase comfort and fit. Soft liners are used to increase chewing comfort in new or existing dentures.

What is a Soft Liner?

Soft liners are bonded to the surface of dentures and rest on the oral tissues.

The soft liner acts as a shock absorber between the hard plastic denture base and the sensitive oral tissues covering the jaw ridges.

They can be placed on new dentures, existing denture or replaced if you already have a softliner and has aged due to wear.


If your denturist has meticulously adjusted your dentures fit and you are still unable to find comfort with your denture, you may want to consider a soft liner.

Soft liners are appropriate for:

  • Flat or nearly at gum tissues

  • Gums with thin tissues over bony areas

  • Chronically sore gum tissues

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